Fermented red cabbage

We love red cabbage for its colour and beautiful pattern when it is cut into half. But we also love it for what it contains; the dark colour indicates a high antioxidant content and red cabbage also fights against certain diseases.



  • half of a red cabbage
  • about 12-14 cm of ginger with smaller diameter
  • 1 apple
  • 2 handful of raisins
  • 1 % salt
  • 2 tbsp probiotics



  1. Wash and chop ingredients. I used a food processor to chop the cabbage, grated the apple through the bigger holes and finely sliced the ginger.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a bowl by hand. There will be some juice coming from the mixture, as the salt makes them release some juice, plus the probiotics is a little amount of liquid too.
  3. I usually heat my clean jars in the oven for a short time at low temperature,  to dry them properly and to avoid contamination. But it is not that necessary if your jars are dry (I did it without too) as the good bacteria would fight the bad ones.
  4. Fill the jars with the cabbage mixture. Now, make sure to press it down as tightly as possible leaving no air present in the jars. At the end, pour some liquid into the jars, to fill in any possible holes.
  5. Close the jars, place them on a plate or tray. Keep them at room temperature, though not at direct the sun. After one day the jars will start to release some liquid (that will smell very good already) and “talk to you”. Which would be normal, as it means the bacteria are working. In this case, that liquid will be dark purple from the cabbage.
  6. After 5 days, your fermented red cabbage is ready. Wipe the jars with a wet cloth and keep them in the fridge. They can stay for a long time.



I love strong flavours, but I think I added too much ginger and the pieces also could be much smaller. If ginger would be too much for you leave it out, the apple, red cabbage and raisins are a nice combo 🙂 Enjoy & share it!


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